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About Risk Navigation Group
Our principle objective is to deliver innovative, independent technical and strategic advisory service to our insurance and industry clients. The demands placed upon companies operating in today's business environments include risks of broader dimension than previously imagined or encountered.

For the past nine years, our team members have helped Risk Navigation Group become one of Business Insurance magazine’s top 10 Independent Risk Management Consulting Firms in America.  While we take great pride in this achievement we are ever mindful of the challenges that lie before us and that prompt us to continue to deliver our finest efforts to meet the demands and needs of our clients. 

We believe that competition makes us a better advisory services firm.  We are constantly evolving, innovating and maturing, and we have a long track record of responding to and improving with competition.  We believe that we are better positioned today than we have ever been to continue to deliver quality and excellence.  We will leverage our experience to benefit our clients.

Our Team
Our goal is to recruit and retain insurance professionals that are driven by the passion for achieving high caliber professional excellence and continual learning. Each member of our team has provided the spark for innovation and thought leadership for which Risk Navigation has come to be known.

The key to our success can be found in the nature of our business relationships. In building collaborative relationships with our clients we believe that we are placing our focus where it is most essential. Our strategy has always been centered on the concept of teaming with companies that continually strive for enterprise excellence and improvement.

As we continue to grow, our desire is to fuel our employees' passion with new and invigorating challenges as we deliver the very finest business advisory services in the insurance industry.

Our core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization.  These values are the foundation of our corporate culture and the soul of our firm.  Many members of our team have worked together for well more than a decade.  We constantly build on our comraderie and teamwork because we know that our team chemistry is what sets us apart from other advisory firms.  Our teamwork and core values transcend our size and growth rate, so that no matter how large our firm becomes, we will maintain our core values to preserve what is special about our team.

Our core values include:
· Satisfying our clients by delivering quality service.
· Supporting our teammates to ensure personal and professional growth.
· Creating a profitable and healthy business enterprise.
· Caring about our community of clients, business colleagues.
· Keeping uppermost our fidelity to the proposition of fairness and high ethical standards.

Our Mission Statement
Our most important core value is to satisfy our clients, because they are the heart of our business.  Our “Take Action” motto has been our recipe for delivering on our promise to serve our clients with excellence.

We genuinely care about the well-being of our clients and we empower our team members to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations in every interaction.  When we do this well, we truly build the mutually beneficial business partnership we seek with every client. 

For questions or help with insurance operations design and functionality assessment, independent valuation, enterprise risk management, ERM technology and medical management expertise, please explore further the descriptions of our skills and services in this web site Call or Email Us.

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